Math adventure for children.

Are you looking for an app about maths that really helps your children after the school?

Monster Numbers is an App for kid to learn math, but it has a magical ingredient: fun.

This combination of leatning and entertainment will help them improve their basic math skills and besides they will be happy because they will be using technology.


Another of its advantages is that Monster Numbers adapts to the child’s age. It provides different levels from 4 year old kids up to 14.

Childrens will be able to play several levels, some of pure fun and some others aimed to enhance their math skill. Playing is very easy. Just a glance and you children will want to play with it and.. they will love math!

It also has an option that allows playing each game separatelly so that you can make the kid reinforce those subjects the teachers could have pointed.

Besides, its design is highly attractive and eye-catching for kids, so that they will want to play as soon as they see it and fun will do the rest.